Who Needs the World Wide Web When You Have Amma’s Spiritual Wisdom


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“Mother knows best” is a phrase I have tried my better never give my own “Ibu” the satisfaction of saying.

As a millennial born into a mixed Malaysian family, you can tell that playing by the book has never particularly been a part of my mixed vocabulary, and throughout my youth I have always turned a deaf ear to what I had initially thought to be nothing more than the maternal ramblings of a woman out of time.

Plus, being called a “mom’s boy” never really jiveté with my predominantly urban education: most, if not all of my costs buddies at the time were all told through the incredible New technology that was the Internet.

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Even today, you would still see people heading online, delving into DIY blogs and videos on how to do normal, everyday things, and even reaching out to celebrities on social media for life advice. .

That’s why I couldn’t help but laugh but felt all mushy inside after catching the 2021 Deepavali special made by Maxis, realizing how stupid I was, knowing now how my own mother had a huge influence in my life.

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Looking back, I’ve always done things exactly the opposite of what my mom said and always a little too late to accommodate her motherly wisdom.

“Don’t go climb that tree,” she would say – before I definitely fell and hurt myself.

“Go do your homework and study,” she reminded me – before I involuntarily fail my exams.

“This girl is going to break your heart,” she warned – before I was inevitably heartbroken.

But despite my recklessness, this incredibly patient woman never failed to give me her advice, support, and a few good old slaps in the face along the way – keeping me grounded in reality and raising my hopes and dreams just as a mother should.

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If there’s one thing my mom once told me that I try to keep in practice to this day, it’s this: never let people dictate your emotions and measure your esteem. of oneself on the words of others.

I remember how, when I was young, I felt depressed whenever a distant relative compared me to their own children – sneaking in those low comments on how their sons and daughters “did much better” than I did at what they did.

Noticing my distress, my mother would say (and I paraphrase here) that: people, even strangers, have a funny effect on you. They say and do beautiful things that can make you feel good and happy, or the exact opposite, and leave you in the trash. But always remember that everyone goes their own way and you should never be distracted or embarrassed when someone on the sidewalk shows all the holes in your shoes.

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This, in retrospect, is advice that I personally find not too different from all the influential and insightful content that we had clicked “Like” and “Follow” on TikTok and YouTube. Do not you think?

Now, before we go on and say I’m too sentimental about this, know that even science has a lot to note on this unique mark of motherly love.

Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) fully recognize the importance of the procreator and actively promote healthy relationships between mother and child at different stages of life.

The agency’s practical manual for the International Program for the Development of the Child (ICDP) entitled “Improving mother / child interaction to promote better psychosocial development in children” explains that the presence, direction and guidance provided by parental figures, especially mothers, is essential for conditioning physical, mental and emotional health.

A mother’s guiding hand helps us become stable and well-adjusted people, and naturally a child needs a strong and loving relationship with their mothering motivations to enable them to live long and fulfilling lives.

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So, just as Mother Nature predicted: I would say that it is best for all of us to seek the light of Mother’s Wisdom whenever we go through dark times in life. Because as they say, “mothers always knows better ”or in my case, a mother always knows what to say.

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