X Rush eases the transition from Web 2.0 games to the GameFi Web 3.0 model


The gaming industry has always been a huge market for many years, with better quality games being developed day by day for the enjoyment of users. Data shows that in 2020, the game industry generated 155 billion in revenue for game developers in the Web 2.0 industry.

Throughout their teenage years, many people played mobile games in their spare time, knowing there was no benefit. Whereas with the recent popularity of cryptocurrency, the P2E or Play-to-earn gaming industry distributes returns among players using an economic model.

The P2E game economy has improved the user experience of many gamers and changed the perspective of parents towards the game. While being in the P2E industry, it is important to constantly search for new games to have fun , X Rush is a casual Play-to-Earn game that is integrated with running and shooting features.

X Rush: a P2E crypto game

X-Rush is a play-to-win casual game that is integrated with the running and shooting game experience. The game is powered by Unity, a cross-platform game engine, and it is compatible with most web 3.0 wallets. Recently, X Rush completed a round of seed funding from Kucoin Ventures, and the funding received would serve as financial support for X Rush to closely develop its gameplay and user experience. While also using Kucoin Exchange resources such as marketing strategy, funding, etc.

Currently, the iOS and Android versions of X Rush are ready, rolling out the beta phase for 50 players to test the game while asking users for feedback for improvements. It was mentioned that after the release of the beta phase, X Rush will soon have its IGO on the Kucoin IGO platform – also, with a public test with IDO and Listing, around mid-April. X Rush is backed by one of the leading exchanges in the cryptocurrency industry KuCoin.

There are also plenty of freebies within the X Rush community. There are freebies such as $XOX (X Rush token in-game) and the X Racers whitelist is regularly given to a member of the community!

From X Rush

X Rush Game is available on iOS and Android, while it is currently still in the testing phase. It will soon be open to the public, followed by IDO and registration as mentioned. X Rush users no longer need user email or passwords to log into mobile games. X Rush users will first need to add or create a TP wallet (soon to support other web3.0 wallets such as MetaMask) to participate in the game.

Gameplay conducted in X Rush would also be uploaded to the blockchain, keeping everything safe and transparent. First, users must deposit or redeem $XOX tokens in their preferred wallet. TP Wallet as it is quite easily accessible and user-friendly. Users can also trade tokens under the Kucoin Community Chain Network (KCC).

After having $XOX Token in the wallet, users can directly purchase X Rush in-game items from the in-game market or choose to open the X Box. X Car ranges in different prices depending on the level of the car. At the same time, users can try their luck to open a mystery box which gives a higher level vehicle compared to the market price. Users who purchase X Racers NFT, hand-drawn by illustrators behind the Iconic 2009 online multiplayer game, League of Legends could set it as their in-game profile picture, and the NFT is capable of generating passive income up to at $50 XOX Token per day.

One of the exciting factors is that the lifespan of each X Car is limited, between 3 and 152 days. At the end of the lifetime, it will be scrapped and the token will be returned at a pro rata of the original value (depending on the level), maintaining the supply of well-maintained car X.

The X Rush game

X-Rush The gameplay is simple and interesting. Currently, there are two game modes which include PVE and PVP. Currently, the PVP feature is only available in the ranking format based on the tokens they earn. According to the X Rush roadmap, the multi-match-making mode is scheduled to release in Q3 2022 and be distributed to users around the world to compete. Although it is a simple game to understand, it can be difficult for new players. It requires players to control their speed, use ingenuity to avoid and kill the boss to fight to become the best player in X Rush.

There are many Game-fi projects in the market, and new projects should be different from others. Some of the main features of the game include:

  1. Strong Community / Share-to-Win Model

X Rush has a strong community that discusses the latest X Rush information and strategies. Apart from that, the developers of X Rush also often organize giveaways as incentives for the appreciation of community members on Discord and Telegram. X Rush also released a “Share to Earn” model where users can get rewards such as X Car and limited edition items based on the number of X Cars guests purchased.

  1. Sustainable Tokenomics model

To remain sustainable in the long term as a Gamefi project, the improvement made by the X Rush team by improving the utility of tokens and the acquisition schedule. There’s a lot more utility than V1 Game-fi projects such as Axie Infinity; Utility includes in-game item purchase, X Car customization, community mining, governance, and special campaign passes. Regarding the deflationary risk, 5% of the $XOX Token transaction amount in the app would be automatically destroyed; passive income is halved every 50 days with a longer vesting period.

The P2E industry has a significant impact on the gaming industry, bringing financial benefits to gamers around the world. X Rush gives users a chance to be part of the space.

For more information on X Rush, please see their official site.

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