YouTube stops sending you to a computer to enable testing


Just look for the in-app banner

Playing with experimental software features is a lot of fun. After all, who doesn’t love to turn on the latest indicators in Chrome just to see what’s going on? YouTube has long had a hub for all of its unfinished tweaks and tools, but it received so little publicity that you probably didn’t even know it existed. That is finally starting to change, as new in-app banners require users to try all kinds of incomplete options for a limited time.

Previously, to perform all YouTube experiments, you had to know your “New” portal, but this is no longer the case. Some Premium subscribers have spotted banners appearing on the app’s home page, giving them the ability to activate features directly from the app. You can only try one feature at a time, although you can switch between experiences at will.

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Currently, on-the-fly comment translation and iOS picture-in-picture are the two lists available, with the first scheduled to expire on September 9. Either can be activated by pressing the “Try” button under their respective descriptions.

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Google did these premium member exclusive experiences last year, so free users won’t be able to try out any of its tweaks. If you’re a subscriber and haven’t spotted this new banner, you can still go to the YouTube web portal to turn either option on or off for your account.

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